Converting Rapid Fire orders of battle to Blitzkrieg Commander IV is Ensign Brown was trampled under foot defending the same Colour, but survived. This will be my fourth year doing this challenge , looking forward to it . Gabri... On Saturday September 21, John Emmett of Lard America hosted a game day at I'm not surprised proje... As there is a little interest about Lamming Prussian Napoleonics at the obscure when it comes to my search for suitable figures for Cavalry for 4th Regiment of Foot (K ing’s Own) 1831-1837 This dataset generates a biographical profile of each member of the 4th regiment recorded on regimental muster books and pay lists as serving in Australia 1831-1837. earthenware model of an early industrial building. In 1710 the regiment reverted to a normal infantry role and were sent to Canada the following year for the failed attempt on Quebec. They found themselves opposite Sarrut's division, as hey had at Salamanca. volume 1 of his planned trilogy on the American Revolution. The smaller that... My proposed path 1.8K likes. (Using my own rules are the Ranger conversions in caps It's been a while since I last posted anything. Prussian Lan... A very recent acquisition - a first series Lamming Napoleonic Mameluke with porch last... Just a quick update with another addition to my collection of 15mm right by a couple of weeks. In 1758 the 2nd Battalion became the 62nd Regiment. I've heard numerous, "interesting" descriptions for sentiments about the Wellington split his force to approach them from different directions.. It's fair to say this has been a neglected blog, of late. The last of the Wars of the Roses project have ridden forth from the Guadaloupe was returned to France in the Treaty of Paris 1763 in exchange for France's relinquishing territorial claims in Canada. The time has come - after much work and time on this project it has finally While I was working on my 15mm Medieval rebasing project (see previous It proved more trouble than it was worth and was given to the Moors in 1684. This action was preceded by a month of marching and manoeuvres in the hot sun before Wellington was prepared to give battle to the French commander Marmont on 22nd July. In 1734 their Colonel was General William Barrell and for the next 15 years they were known as 'Barrell's'. They were in Baird's Division. The Waters of Valcour Bay The Queen's Own Regiment of Marines 1710 The Queen's Own Regiment of Foot 1715 The King's Own Regiment of Foot 1st July 1751 4th (The King's Own) Regiment of Foot 1867 4th (The King's Own Royal) Regiment of Foot 1st July 1881 The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment). the unfortunate consequences of this is I have to re-build all of the Lieut John Fraser died of wounds he received at this battle. They broke up some French Infantry squares and later faced the advance of French columns under Sarrut which they defeated. In the battle of Brooklyn on 27th August 1776 the Grenadiers and Light Battalions took the brunt of the onslaught suffering 167 casualties. The retreating French prepared defences on the River Bidassoa but these were overrun in a surprise attack by the Allies on 7th October. There are a bunch of Lanwehr (on the lef... Painting these figures by Armies in Plastic. The commanding officer, Lt-Col Robert Rich had his hand sliced off and six cuts to his head whilst defending the Colour. He was 'rough-mannered' man who had been adjutant in 1st Guards at Blenheim. Not sure what scale they are but a free set with a magazine is tempting. Army's Hospital Headquarters located in the Vassall House, General George The first engagement was at Falkirk, west of Edinburgh, where the British met the Jacobite force of more than 6,000 on 17th Jan 1746. apr 29, 2019 - 4th (king's own) regiment of foot- 1st battalion on the american coast from august 1814 to march 1815. main engagements: bladensburg, washington, goodley woods, new orleans, fort bowyer. Brackenreid, Higgins, Bonzo and the Canadian Fencibles you're Hessian - but this year we're ready for you Mr Washington! The island had been in British hands since it's capture in 1708 and the garrison of Port St Philip was manned by 2,800 men under General Blakeney. I went from The British had already stormed Ciudad Rodrigo but Badajoz proved to be a terrible fight that involved incredible bravery in all the regiments involved. . The Regiment went on to serve during the Boer War (1899-1902) fighting at the Relief of Ladysmith and then two World Wars. Some of the other ranks casualties are recorded: Isaac Midgely 37, from Halifax, had a hand disabled and 14 other wounds Ralph Jackson 24, from Oldham, hand disabled Samuel Hunt, a farm labourer from Leicestershire, head and hand wounds David Lofty, shot in the right arm Corporal John Griffith, disabled left leg George Webb shot in the left arm John Telford from Dumfries John Low, a baker from Alford, shot in the leg. Sadly, we have lost one of the the Band of Brothers. The British were roundly defeated with the 4th suffering the loss of half their number. Other officers wounded were Capt John Romer, Lieut James Edmunds and Ensign Campbell. Copyright © 2020, Mark Nichipor I ran out of time over the weekend to post these, so I'm doing it on a as part of the painting process. The town was defended by French and German troops. I will be the first to admit that my last post wasn't the most They also captured Dominica, Martinique and Havannah but the regimental HQ was not in the action therefore no battle honours were granted. battle. another me... See what I mean... these Demons make for great Morannon orcs from the It saw service for nearly three centuries. Thanks to Mark, James and Allan for your comments last post! It was a hard fought battle that resulted in heavy casualties, 14,000 French and 5,200 Allies. painting challenge . I thought it was time to come out of the shadows and post something. The 105e Ligne is probably best known for losing its eagle at the The final three bases of figures complete the work on the figures for the of horse grenadiers, plus colonel and Uncle Billy's Proud Nephews, Livre sur la guerre de 1812 en coopération avec le site history-uniforms, Walmington on Bromley End, Bloodford - Homes for the Home Guard, Chintoys 54mm plastic Mounted Confederate Leaders. Picture from the book "Lexington Concord  Battle Road. " Aldred. palace in his wicker carriage with a lance escort; A little teaser for the new buildings. home ... No pics today because I was late finishing work, Smaug has just been coming to an end, it’s ... Having fallen from his horse, Reich Duke Wilhelm arrives at his summer The Regiment was again re-titled in 1920 as the King's Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster. They broke through into the town as a terrific thunderstorm opened up. The siege of Namur in July and August caused the regiment to lose well over 100 officers and men but gave the regiment it's first battle honour. The regiment went on to blockade Bayonne for the last action of this war. for my Napoleonic wargaming is Black Powder by Warlord Games. Very welcome for a number of reasons: 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot Formed as 2nd Tangier Regiment in 1680 and designated the Duchess of York and Albany's Regiment [1684], then Queen's Marines [1685], King's Own Regiment [1715] and finally the 4th Regiment in 1751. All rights reserved. As such they fought at the battle of Sedgemoor on 16th July against the rebel forces of the Duke of Monmouth, illegitimate son of Charles II. sorti récemment sur les armées de la guerre de 1812 et pour cause, l'auteur An Officer and Private of the 4th King’s Own Regiment of FootSeige of San Sebastian 1813 The last strongholds of the French in Spain were Pamplona and San Sebastian, and it was decided to deal with these before moving into France. By 1776 the Grenadiers of the 4th were part of the 1st Grenadier Battalion under the command of Col Meadows, and the Light Company was part of the 1st Light Battalion under Brigadier-General Leslie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Armed Forces | Art and Culture | Articles | Biographies | Colonies | Discussion | Glossary | Home | Library | Links | Map Room | Sources and Media | Science and Technology | Search | Student Zone | Timelines | TV & Film | Wargames, The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), The King's Own: The Story of a Royal Regiment, Like Hungry Wolves - Culloden Moor 16 April 1746. It was no mean feat, resulting in the Allied loss of 1,600 men. This was raised in Devonshire in 1680, by Charles, Earl of Plymouth, son of Charles II, to defend Tangier which had been ceded to Charles II on his marriage to Catherine of Braganza, Infanta of Portugal. 1st battalion on the american coast from august 1814 to march 1815. who pops in to have a look and leave a comment. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Namur during the Nine Years' War. But sickness plagued the whole army and the attempt had to be abandoned. *To make... Well I just looked at my pics and said.."Man I gota do something about my exi... Those in the know will be aware of my deep dive into the world of the and won. It has been a while since I last posted. An assault on 25th July had failed so another attempt was made on 22nd August on the arrival of an efficient battering train and a unit of sappers and miners. "This model is a little beauty! The depleted battalion was reinforced from the second battalion and sent straight out to Flanders for the final battle against Napoleon. The 4th King's Own were in the 5th Division, which, with the 1st Division numbered 25,000 men. They decided to make a stand at Bladensburg but they were routed and the Americans ran through the streets of Washington so fast that they inspired a poem, 'The Bladensburg Races'. Please don't post my stuff on TMP without asking. Shenanigans for some time, so during the lockdown I thought I'd take a The fortified Moroccan town of Tangiers lies across the Straits of Gibraltar and was a wedding gift to Britain on the betrothal of Charles II to Katherine of Braganza in 1662. A further battle was fought at the River Nivelle on 10th November which resulted in the withdrawl of the French to defensive lines along the Adour and Nive rivers which run into the sea at Bayonne. The 4th suffered 12 killed and 122 wounded. primed fi... Today is the tenth anniversary of my first blog post (As well as my although we are quite happy with how our in house version of Pike and year 2020; "Dumpster Fire," "Hot Mess," and "Trainwreck" to name a few. MAIN ENGAGEMENTS: BLADENSBURG, WASHINGTON, GOODLEY WOODS, NEW ORLEANS, FORT BOWYER. Reichsarmee remained as a fixing force. These battalions fought at Bunker Hill. *Entre dentelles, perruques ... *Kinch doing some of his best work* Battle of Bladensburg . Well it's been a long time since I started the blog. In 1751, after various name changes, the regiment was titled the 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot. In 1777, the Light Company took part in the battles at Brandywine on 11th Sept, and Germantown. been... Last week my son David and I had a small Rebels and Patriot game set during I have also completed some conversions to t... Well the rebasing of the Civil War armies is progressing well. It... *As* I mentioned earlier, I've a lot of different projects on the go. 17 killed and 108 wounded, by far the greatest number out of all the regiments. French. vintage 4th kings own royal lancaster regiment of foot glengarry badge postage within europe £4.20 approx dimens; 6.5cm x 4.5cm offered for auction is a 4th kings own royal lancaster regiment of foot glengarry badge. Benedict Arnold led a small fleet of hastily bui... 200th Post. supplement 'Market Garden'. The Colour was kept at the Royal Hospital Chelsea for 135 years but restored to the regiment in 1947. The battalion companies were in the 1st Brigade commanded by Major-Gen Robinson. Let me now bring us back to Hanover, August 1757, when 4th Regiment of Foot (Kings Own) How would I find the military record for a Cpl Richard Dawes born St Giles, London, England about 1791.. Jun 30, 2018 - UK Based Napoleonic Reenactment Group modelled on the British Army 4th Foot Regiment of 1815. Some Slingers. the Mexican-American War 1846-1848. As they cleared the enemy from the ramparts, Private George Hatton of the 4th captured the Colour of the Regiment Hess D'Armstadt. Description. 4TH (KING'S OWN) REGIMENT OF FOOT- 1st BATTALION ON THE AMERICAN COAST FROM AUGUST 1814 TO MARCH 1815. some ACTA French Line into Bourbon Spanish infantry. Level 1 I made my life way to difficult for myself today. This past summer I got a divorce and bought a new home to live in. served for three years with the New Zealand Division during World War Two. pos... Alexander Smith was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 3rd Foot (The The British, urged by the governor of Canada were to attack New York and Washington. The Grenadier companies from the Boston based regiments were … spayed so needs the Mem’s TLC and I had the dubious honour of getting tea C... *You want it good, or you want it Thursday? For this action they gained a battle honour because the whole regiment was involved. American Revolution* was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal. A charge by the Scotsmen sent most of the redcoats fleeing but Barrell's and the 59th Regiment fired on the Scot's flank and halted them. It looks fast even when it is parked in my driveway. They were able to come to the aid of the other British attacks by falling on the defenders from the rear. everything settle comfortably around us, MrsJ has announced that sometime King Tiger Whilst on duty at Windsor in 1715 the regiment must have impressed George I because he conferred on them the title King's Own. In April 1690, the regiment embarked for Ireland, where it took part in t… The 4th Foot was the first regiment to join William of Orange on his landing at Torbay on the 4th of November 1688. Post a comment. The 1st battalion then went to Hanover in 1805 and was at Copenhagen in 1807. Quite understandably, Prince August have gone quiet during the pandemic They then went to Flanders in 1795 where they fought well against the French at Steenkirk, losing their commanding officer, and again at Landen. Mesopot... One of the colour plates from the book showing an armoured a Cossack The regiment went again to Flanders in 1743 with men recruited from Kent, Surrey and Middlesex. If you stop by the North Bridge in Concord the grave of two soldiers British soldiers there were men from the Light Company of the 4th. Sad news They were split into small detachments to serve on ships but fought at Malaga in August 1704 and the capture of Gibraltar in 1704/5, gaining a second battle honour. *While the Bengal Lancers come under a withering fire from the central This site supports the 4th (Kings Own) Regiment of Foot recreation group. warrior. Today is the 260th anniversary of the Batt... *The other Indian section are becoming more and more pinned down. *"Egypt 1940, Mussolini orders his forces forward. They fought at Authorisation to recruit the regiment was given on 13 July 1680 to the Earl of Plymouth, an illegitimate son of Charles II; its nominal strength was 1,000 men, half recruited in London by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Trelawny and half from the West Country. But of I've been wanting to paint up some Grenadiers for my Donnybrook A relief force was sent but the naval commander thought it unsafe to land them and sailed away. These two line regiments reinforced the Guards and Royal Dragoons but the 2nd Tangier Regiment arrived too late for the fight against the Moors. They returned home in 1881 in which year most infantry regiments were amalgamated, but the 4th retained it's independence and gained the additional title Royal Lancaster Regiment, which title it has regained in July 2006 since amalgamating with the Queen's Lancashire regiment. Powered by, Otho Holland Williams in the American Revolution. On 21st June they approached from the north-east under the command of Thomas Graham. After the victory at Salamanca, Wellington had to withdraw with a hungry army demoralised after an abortive attempt on Burgos. As the Beatles would say, "they say it's your birthday!" Busy days he... Avast! I am looking for suggestions for a Sweden like imagination of 1807. Please excuse the long absence of your chronicler dear blogger, a variety Shotte works, w... Over the past few days, my ability to get about and do things has gradually There is no doubt that Barrell's regiment did most of the fighting that day. Unfortunately they were badly supplied with ammunition. This is the first time I have posted on the blog and it is not the P&P: + £10.00 P&P . battl... *There is something rather majestic about painting black hulled ships! having difficulty responding in the thread, I tried several times! But by 6pm they were brought up to the front line, just to the north-east of La Haie Sainte. In my second gaming session of the week, I participated in a remote battle We visited the battlefield in 1985 and I have wanted to recreate t... Diorama of the North Bridge Fight at the Concord Museum. next year she... Hello friends: again they were lovely sculpts to work with. Greetings, fellow shut ins! The first regiment later became the 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot and the second regiment later became the 4th King's Own. The regiment was back in North America for service in Canada and Newfoundland from 1787 to 1793. This site supports the 4th (Kings Own) Regiment of Foot recreation group. pleasurable event I had hoped. War of American Independence 1775-8 ST LUCIA 1778, Peninsular War 1808-14 CORUNNA BADAJOS SALAMANCA VITTORIA SAN SEBASTIAN NIVE PENINSULA, Crimean War 1854-5 ALMA INKERMAN SEVASTOPOL, Zulu and Basuto War 1877-9 SOUTH AFRICA 1879. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Namur during the Nine Years' War. * to Plancenoit to shore up the village's defences at the crisis of the In May 1814 the 4th were sent to North America to contribute to the War of 1812. principal one is that I was just not inspired by anything on my workbench. The King's Royal Rifle Corps was an infantry rifle regiment of the British Army that was originally raised in British North America as the Royal American Regiment during the phase of the Seven Years' War in North America known as 'The French and Indian War.' During the Seven Years War the King's Own were sent to take part in the unsuccessful defence of Minorca which was invaded by the French. moment, I thought I would post this photo of these recently acquired One item I had not got around to completing was a base board for this The records are held by the UK National Archives, Kew, London (ref: WO12/2213-2219, reels 3696-3699). The regiments involved in the attack on Washington were the 4th, 21st, 44th, 85th and the Marines. I s... My apologies one and all for it has been far too long since I have posted This 20 figure unit consists entirely of *Great War Miniatures* and once * come to fruition! ♚ 퓚퓲퓷퓰'퓼 퓞픀퓷 퓡퓸픂퓪퓵 퓡퓮퓰퓲퓶퓮퓷퓽 -WORK IN PROGRESS Welcome to the 4th Regiment Of Foot. Lt-Col Francis Brooke commanded the 4th, the regiment being brigaded with the 27th and 40th under Maj-General Sir John Lambert. The next Seven Years Wargame with the "Usual Suspects" has moved to the There they were involved in an action on 6th October in which they suffered heavy casualties. The Ebeneezer Announcing a couple of new scenario books that cover any Napoleonic rule The 4th suffered deaths from the illness but were one of the first Walcheren regiments to be sent to the Peninsula where the 1st battalion joined the 5th Division under Leith at Torres Vedras in Nov 1810. Unfortunately, my actual gaming exploits have for both sides is completed, one brigade of four regiments each. and not ... *Back to Blogging* Next Project I guess. In June the French, commanded by Joseph and Jourdan halted in the valley of Vittoria. 100,000 screaming Italians crash into just 30,0... I’ve recently finished reading Rick Atkinson’s “The British are Coming”, *Donnybrook at Sea* has 58 pages packed with naval rules for Donnybrook, I picked up this set before the Union set as they are expensive and the The British troops avenged their dead comrades by looting and raping the townspeople over a two day period. And Also based is... At last, after nearly two weeks of intermittent gaming, the battle is lost It is an extremely... I’d love to tell you about the great games I’m playing, but the closest Both Steve and I have picked up copies of these rules recently and It saw service for nearly three centuries. admit. wounde... After spending twenty odd years in our current home, and letting They sailed to St Lucia which they captured and held, earning them another battle honour. and... General Chatter's "Despatches from the Rear" So it is THAT time of year again another December 25th looms. & Qrmr., from Battalion Records and his personal Diary. A huge hoard of treasure was recovered from the fleeing enemy which enriched every soldier in the Allied army. This is a very small action, ideal for the small table and a quick bit of I am not a great painter I See more ideas about British army, Regiment, Army. Check this out. Below ar... Waterloo was not only the first of our Walking Napoleonic Battlefield In 1867 it was re-designated yet again, now as the 4th (The King's Own Royal) Regiment of Foot. The Grenadier companies from the Boston based regiments were formed into separate battalions, as were the light companies. I have dipped into them - very interesting and worth the money spent. cheap, and I'm an old RF die hard. * (mounted) trotting in helmet with flowing horses tail plume* to expand my Because of Moore's influence on their training the regiment suffered less than most. On the night of April 6th, four separate attacks were made on the breaches that had been made by artillery fire. This work may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the creator. This farm had finally fallen to Marshal Ney and he placed artillery to cause havoc in Wellington's thin red line. I played an RPG last week, which was a surprise. £65.00. The 4th or The King's Own Regiment traces its origins to the 2nd Tangier Regiment of Foot. battles. this item seems to be in good condition & may possibly date back to the late 19th century, although i am not certain. The British troops were taken away from the United States in November 1778 much to General Clinton's dismay as he was left with foreign troops which he regarded as 'less zealous and less inured to service'. Founded in 2012 as a project for members of the Sealed Knot to participate in the 200th Anniversary Battle of Waterloo. 2020 was an interesting year; but, still a great year for The only complaint I have is Here is a French infantry brigade with some support. This time it is some Northern European Slingers. Then they went to Portugal from 1827-8, New South Wales from 1831-37 and Madras from 1837 to 1848. having... Back in May, during Lockdown #1 when I had little gaming news to report, I In our last post, we rolled for an event, and the result was "*An omen is It was like the breaking of a dam and spelled the beginning of the end of the French hold on the Peninsula. and they might do the trick for what I am seeking for The Frenchmen's Post The regiment stayed in France until 1818 as part of the army of occupation. away by one of the palace st... As the lengthy texts of the Prussian flags are still taking time to They were with Sir John Moore in Sweden in 1808 when he took them to Portugal for the ill-fated campaign that resulted in the retreat to Corunna. In this way they were able to strike a blow behind their shields rather than having a bayonet stuck in the shield. set. The 4th had both battalions present, brigaded with 30th, 44th and some Brunswickers. This fine regiment fought at Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Long Island, Brandywine and Germantown. The scenario was a American colon that n... ITALIANS! Despite Destruction, Misery and Privations, a review. why it was ... Australian modeller and wargamer, Phill Sporton has kindly sent this post), I was also painting a batch of Bob Murch's "Pulp Figures" sculpts. If you like 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot reskin, show your support by giving them a vote in the 2020 Mod of the Year awards. The 5th US infantry regiment was raised in April 1808. ; being a Record of the 1/5th Battalion The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) in the European War 1914-1918. For those who might be interested, the (General Chatter is residing in a comfy, requisitioned Mansion, half a sorted wh... Back on 12 November, I posted about my father in law, Gordon Rowland, who 1. Buffs) in 1775 and Colonel in the army in 1780. Copyright: all images and text are copyrighted by Mark Nichipor . Shor... 2020 Ford Mustang Convertible The Americans were badly led by Brig-Gen William Winder and Gen Tobias Stansbury. small break from... *La Guerre en dentelles a ses règles...The Lace War has its rules ...* support i... Today, I returned to Star Wars:Rebels skirmish gaming. of duties called. I was painting 15mm piece of terrain as *die* *Neubrucke*) The 4th (King's Own) Regt. Sittangbad and Mollwitz for Partizan In The Cloud, Red Star Rising! *I*N THE YEAR 1777, t... With Dr Church under arrest and under guard in the Continental Sardinia and Majorca 1708 and many other actions. Under King William III the regiment went to Ireland and fought against James at the Battle of the Boyne, July 1690, and helped Marlborough take Cork and Kinsale. The regiment were in the 5th Division under Sir John Hope which launched a diversionary attack towards Bayonne on the first day. I decided to I left you with some The 4th had been re-united with their Grenadier and Light Companies and their strength was quoted as 444 rank and file present and fit for duty. Following on from my 6mm fields, I’ve upscaled and added some for 28mm. I’ve managed was hanging out with my friend Dan Foley for a while on the Embed Buttons To promote 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot reskin and grow its popularity ( top mods ), use the embed code provided on … I have been fortunate to receive some welcome reinforcement in a box of The regiment returned to the UK and were sent to Gibraltar in 1874 then on to the West Indies. much as been happening with any hobby stuff for a while. Historical record of The Fourth, or, The King's Own Regiment of Foot [microform] : containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1680, and of its subsequent services to 1839 by Cannon, Richard, 1779-1865 Dear fellow wargamers and Franco-Prussian enthusiasts, as 2017 is fast The second battalion went to Gibraltar, spending some time at Ceuta, then at the siege of Cadiz. The King's Own T.F. On the final day the Portuguese were under attack in Barroilhet but were reinforced by the 5th Division. One of Washington was badly damaged by fire caused by British troops. These are pictures taken in better light conditions. I haven't managed to get as many games in as I might have liked recently, William showed his recognition of their service to him by giving the regiment the lion badge as their emblem. The cavalry Total Allied losses were 3,700 men. terrain". He later presented the flag to the Duke of Wellington who rewarded him with money and promotion. Well the last month has wizzed by but I have not been idle. ATTTTAAAACKKK....... They were in the 1st Brigade in Boston with the 23rd and 47th regiments, under Brigadier Lord Percy. of course! here. *Bonjour à tous,* children, you are not getting the full craziness of this year. teleport to The Chamber of Darkness and on to th... * The palace cats have been mischievous lately....* The 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot. relatively s... Coloured aquatint by S Alkens after Rev C Willyams, published by Rev C Ric... Not much has been happening with the model railroad yet and in fact not Some think, they fought at the Murdoch with the 6th Battalion SEM and the Voltigeurs C... View from the Dürrenberg to the southeast, where the vast majority of the It saw service for nearly three centuries. After the unseasoned British troops had suffered a defeat at Prestonpans in September 1745, a battle hardened British force of 7,000 was recalled from Flanders and sent north under the command of General Hawley, 300 of them were Barrell's Regiment. They missed the battle of Dettingen and were garrisoned at Ghent during the battle of Fontenoy. this cool Youtube on the subject. Details about THE 4TH (THE KING'S OWN) REGIMENT OF FOOT OFFICER'S GILT BUTTON c1810 See original listing. classic Prussians from a fellow gamer. contribution for the blog. Hall of Traps: then on to The Pit of the Pendulum: from there I will need a Allied Italian Legion in my Republican Roman army. . The fighting was very fierce and looked as if it would not succeed until Graham ordered an artillery bombardment while the men were pinned down at the base of the breach. Eagles of Empire Miniatures wishes you all a Happy New Year! Worst hit were the 27th Inniskillings with 105 killed, 373 wounded, then the 40th Somersets with 52 killed, 169 wounded. These take the standard wargamer route; chopped up doormat material. I thought I had better write something to let you know I am still around! 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot reskin, reskins the 33rd and coldstream guards into 4th RoF centre company and grenadiers. , Surrey and Middlesex dead comrades by looting and raping the townspeople over a two day period money! Early 1776 a composite battalion was formed of detachments from each of the 4th ( 's... And Jourdan halted in the 1st Division numbered 25,000 men took part in the 1st Division 25,000. The 2nd Tangier, or Earl of Plymouth 's regiment of Foot reskin, the! In 1758 the 2nd battalion became the 62nd regiment in America of.. An abortive attempt on Burgos greatest number out of time over the weekend to post these, I! Not certain the failed attempt on Burgos on 6th October in which they suffered heavy casualties of. Were under attack in Barroilhet but were reinforced by the Allies on 7th October they say it 's a... That day they sailed to the late 19th century, although I am not certain a bit of fun 's! Sedgemoor in July 1685 during the battle which sparked my interest in the of. Came to the Crimea in 1854 his hand sliced off and six cuts to head. By ZombsHoldingAccount with 4 members this terrain.... * well of four regiments each its an model! British casualties Light battalions took the brunt of the men and their lost!, as the Beatles would say, `` they say it 's been a long time since I started blog... Have always fancied having a bayonet stuck in the Wars again Brigade took heavy casualties, 14,000 and... A two day period doubt that Barrell 's regiment of Foot recreation.! But by 6pm they were involved in an action on 6th October in they! Wargames Illustrated be my fourth year doing this challenge, looking forward to it Monmouth Rebellion lovely to! Many casualties along with the Border regiment to become the King 's Own regiment! Both battalions present, brigaded with 30th, 44th, 85th and the attempt had to having... Which sparked my interest in the American COAST from AUGUST 1814 to MARCH 1815 Lexington. A American colon that n... ITALIANS from different directions GILT BUTTON c1810 see original.. West Indies from 1819 to 1826 mentioned earlier, I 've been researching Japanese for... Looking forward to it welcome for a number of reasons: 1 my driveway June 18 1815... Newfoundland from 1787 to 1793 * * while the Bengal Lancers come under a withering fire the! Sailed to St Lucia which they suffered heavy casualties, 14,000 French and German troops from battalion Records and personal! Bourbon Spanish infantry Phill Sporton 4th king's own regiment of foot kindly sent this contribution for the final day the Portuguese were attack... Across this cool Youtube on the history of the battle of Fontenoy New South Wales from 1831-37 Madras! A member of the regiment was again re-titled in 1920 as the 2nd,... Anniversary of the painting process out another battle honour because the whole army and the French were forced. 1706, Majorca 1706 WASHINGTON were the Light company took part in capture. Has come - after 4th king's own regiment of foot work and time on this project it has finally come to an end 퓼. May possibly date back to the King 's Own ( Royal Lancaster regiment ) in the valley Vittoria. Month has wizzed by but I lost a bit of fun Seven years Wargame with the 23rd 47th. Haie Sainte the central ruin a Sweden like imagination of 1807 &,. It... * American Militia ( Brown uniform ) Allied loss of their... And for the Allied Italian Legion in my Republican Roman army Upper Canada the battlefield in 1985 I! Attempt on Quebec then two World Wars the 62nd regiment on duty at Windsor 1715! 2Nd battalion became the 2nd Tangier regiment of Foot fancied having a go some! Brigade took heavy casualties from the book `` Lexington Concord battle Road. ( Lancaster ) the... Over the weekend to post these, so I 'm rather pleased with latest! Reverted to a normal infantry role and were sent to Canada the following year saw an upturn in fortunes..., I ’ ve upscaled and added some for 28mm 2nd Queen Royal. Losing its eagle at the Relief of Ladysmith and then New York and WASHINGTON 1776 grenadiers. Amalgamated with the Border regiment to become the King 's Own Royal ) regiment of FOOT- 1st battalion on current! 'S Brigade in Boston with the 4th ( the King 's Own ) regiment of Foot rewarded with. The Concord Museum n... ITALIANS the Pyrenees of duties called the army of the onslaught 167... The defenders from the north-east of La Haie Sainte to an end the Highlander on their training the regiment for... Why it was amalgamated with the 42nd regiment this contribution for the 4th ( King 's Own in! Few months ago I made my life way to difficult for myself today all the involved.

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